Indianapolis 500 Pinball Machine by Bally

Dennis Nordman created the indianapolis 500 pinball machine for sale for Bally in 1995. Indianapolis 500 features a deep ruleset that revolves around advancing through the race by completing the Speedway; advancing your Position; making the Lite-Ups; and going through as many Laps as possible to go for a Victory Lap. While the machine has a low run, it is admired by enthusiasts today for its blending of theme with a large amount of unique toys and features.

About the indianapolis 500 pinball machine for sale:

Hear the engines roar, see the lights flash, feel the excitement when Bally straps you into the fastest game around!

From the drop of the green flag to the waving of the checkered, indianapolis 500 pinball machine for sale is heart racing, gear grinding, non-stop action.

The starting player position varies based on adjustable game difficulty – and with skill and a bit of luck players will begin to manoeuvre through the field to go head to head with some of racing’s most famous drivers!

Along the way racers will face challenges inspired by the greatest spectacle in auto-racing and enjoy new technology and equipment for peak performance.

indianapolis 500 pinball machine for sale Features:

  • The unique high-revving Turbo Lock Unit saves balls in its rotating chamber and fires them onto the playfield for two – to – four – ball multi-ball action!
  • The model Indy race car speeds around the mini-track, its velocity increasing with consecutive ramp shots. Players will actually feel the rumble of its high powered engine.
  • The Light Up Targets and Pop Up Bumpers add an extra dimension of flash and fun!
  • Plus, Indianopolis 500 features genuine track-side sound effects, the voices of announcers and the official voice of the Indianapolis 500, Tom Carriage. It not only sounds good, it looks and feels like no other pinball game!


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